Monday, August 9, 2004

Store Owner Shoots Thief

In Saturday's Grand Rapids Press there was an interesting article about a store owner named Leon Moody who shot a man who attempted to rob his convenience store. Moody had a .357 pistol behind the counter and reached for it when the punk jammed a gun in his face and demanded his cash.

The cowardly puke trying to rob the guy saw the gun, freaked, and ran out of the store. Moody didn't stop there. He chased the guy into the street and shot at him twice, hitting him once in the shoulder. The moron got into an SUV and sped away... but he turned up at an emergency room soon after and was picked up by the cops.

Our hat goes of to Leon Moody. He exercised his right to arm himself and take responsibility for his own safety and security. Plus he took out one more piece of scum in the process.

Long live the right to self-defense with firearms!

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