Thursday, December 9, 2004

Twisted Casino Logic

Yesterday the state Senate revoked its approval of a compact with the Gun Lake tribe, effectively ending any chance that an Indian casino will be build (with the state's consent), in the Dorr area.

Senate Majority leader Ken Sikkema was interviewed on WOOD radio this morning and he explained that he voted to rescind the compact because a study showed that 3,000 jobs would be lost in other entertainment industries due to the opening of a casino.

In addition, he mentioned that there are 20 casinos in Michigan and "that is enough."

There are two points here that need to be countered. First, the idea that a new business will destroy 3,000 jobs is a fact of life. While we question that number (the study was commissioned by the Grand Rapids business community, which wants to stop the casino), it is a fact of life that new businesses create (and destroy) jobs continually. The senator's argument only looks at half the equation.

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