Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Election Wrap-Up

The City's municipal election had some interesting results on Tuesday:

1. The first ward (west side of Grand Rapids) saw incumbent Jim Jendrasiak get less than the 50% required to avoid a runoff election in November. We're a bit surprised by that fact, since incumbents usually don't have a hard time getting past primaries.

Allegations that Jendrasiak wanted to cut the housing inspection department's budget after he was cited for several violations at his own home hang over his head, however. Jendrasiak will face newcomer Dave Shaffer.

Jendrasiak got 44% of the vote and Shaffer got 25%

2. The second ward (north and northeast side of the city) saw a hotly contested race with Rossalynn Bliss getting 43% of the vote and Shaula Johnston getting 33%. Bliss, who's lived in the second ward for only three years, was also getting grief for never having voted in a city election.

3. The third ward (south and southeast sides) saw incumbent Jim White win 58% of the vote, re-electing him without a runoff.

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