Monday, December 19, 2005

Blue-Collar Workers Turn Backs on UAW

An interesting article in today's Detroit News points out an instance, in Michigan, where factory workers are actively fighting unionization:

It speaks to a growing skepticism and sometimes outright distain of a union that historically inspired unflinching loyalty from members and fear from management.

Does this really surprise anyone? Just what, exactly, does the UAW do for its workers these days? The UAW got themselves into labor contracts which were inherently unsustainable, now the Detroit big three find themselves in a situation where they simply must move production overseas to compete.

Somehow Toyota is doing just fine with its factories in the US - but the UAW is actively hindering the big three's ability to compete. The UAW, along with most of the legacy unions, is rapidly becoming obsolete. The sooner they disappear, the sooner Michigan's economy can become competitive again.

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