Friday, March 3, 2006

Oh boy

We just got a preview of the Grand Rapids City Commission's upcoming agenda. The resignation of Robert Dean from the commission created an opening which the commission needs to fill. Candidates were interviewed yesterday for the appointment.

The interesting thing is that Mayor Heartwell says that the second round of interviews for the three finalists will include more hard-hitting topics, such as:

He believes they will be asked about their stand on whether to ask voters for an increase in city property or income taxes.

He also expects they will be quizzed on whether they support a living wage ordinance that could raise minimum wages in the city.

Oh boy. In other words, the litmus test will likely be something along the lines of, "do you think city government should be bigger and more invasive?" The response of "yes" will work in the candidate's favor.

If both those issues pass in the city, get ready for making a bad economic situation even worse.

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