Sunday, November 5, 2006

Don’t Bankrupt Michigan - Vote NO on Proposal 5

Proposal five, which will be on Michigan's ballot on Tuesday, is a union-sponsored and funded campaign to dramatically boost funding for teacher pensions. The proposal basically creates a madatory annual increase for school funding, based on the rate of inflation. However, what the proposal's backers don't tell you is that the majority of this money ($700 million in the first year alone) will go to teacher pensions, not the classroom. That money will either have to come from cutting other government services or raising taxes, because there certainly isn't that much extra money in the state's general fund. Voting yes on five does nothing more than line the pockets of the teacher's union - none of the money is mandated to go to the calssroom. That's why at GR Pundit, we're voting NO on Proposal 5.

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  1. Didn't Dick DeVos say there's all kind of waste that can be cut from government to pay for hundreds of millions in tax cuts? Sounds like there is money for Prop 5 if Dick is right.