Thursday, May 24, 2007

GRCC Election Engineering

Brief summary of the election two weeks ago:

  • The Rapid's tax increase passed (but at 58% Yes, compared to 66% Yes last time). Of the six cities in The Rapid's tax authority (Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Walker, Wyoming, and Grandville), three of them voted NO on the Rapid - Grandville, Walker, and Wyoming. Fully half of the municipalities in The Rapid's service area voted no. However, alas, it doesn't matter how each city voted - the tax passes on a majority of the ccombined citizens of all six cities. So, in other words, residents of Grandville, Walker, and Wyoming, who never have had a choice about whether or not to be part of The Rapid, are subsidizing the majority of the riders in Grand Rapids. It's like that giant sucking sound Ross Perot talked about - though the money is flying out of Grandville, Walker, and Wyoming into Grand Rapids. Hopefully the group that opposed The Rapid will continue to expose the gushing wanton waste in The Rapid's budget.

  • GRCC's millage request failed. This was a surprise. The No votes won by a very slim margin. More on this later.

  • Grand Rapids Public Schools' request for a millage renewal on non-homesead property passed handily. It always does.

Now, for the fun part. Grand Rapids Community College's millage request failed. The result? They say they'll have to raise tuition 8%. If you are a resident of Kent County, you'll pay $79.50 per credit hour instead of the prior $73.50 per credit hour.

Well, that's unacceptable to the bureaucrats at GRCC. They have decided to call another election in August to have everyone vote on the tax increase again! Why? Because fewer people vote outside of the city in August elections, meaning that voters in the communities that voted no on the millage just two weeks ago are less likely to head to the polls in August. This outrage of blatant contempt and disregard for the citizens of Kent County is a disgrace. The trustees at GRCC need to be called to task for their behavior.

What's this? Their contact information?

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  1. I don't know if you look at comments on past postings but I'd like to say thanks for your positive coverage of the local millage races.

    I was part of the RapidNo campaign and our taxpayers' rights group, Kent County Families for Fiscal Responsibility, will again be working to defeat the GRCC millage.

    We have a rather crude web site up right now. Essentially, we are against wasting taxpayer money and look for better ways of governance.

    Our greatest opposition to this millage request is that it comes on the heels of a defeated one only three months prior! This is why we support at most 2 elections per year. $100,000 to run another election doesn't make sense to taxpayers.