Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michigan Economy Update

The latest House Fiscal Agency revenue consensus report paints a grim picture for Michigan. Here are a few important bits of information:

Although the US has gained more than 480,000 jobs over [the last year], employment in Michigan fell by more than 78,000 jobs.

That's right - Michigan has had a net loss of over 78,000 jobs in the last year alone. What's the total damage? According to page 6, Michigan has lost a total of 474,000 jobs since 2001.

It's time to get serious about fixing our state. Taxes need to be cut dramatically. Right to work legislation must be passed to attract new employers. The nickle and dime "job creation" that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation claims is a corporate welfare joke. The only way to turn this state around is to make it attractive to employers. With the choking union-dominated atmosphere and choking tax rates, Michigan will continue to bleed jobs.

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