Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Local Housing Market Still in the Tank

I found an interesting chart, courtesy of, showing the median home price in Grand Rapids, as well as the number of homes sold on a quarterly basis. Clearly things are bad and getting worse. Median home prices have dropped almost in half since 2004. Incredible!

Oh, and remember our post about how the stimulus won't do a damn thing? Below is the Federal Government's chart, formulated back in January, which attempted to scare people into passing the gigantic wasteful bloated stimulus plan. They wanted to show how bad things would get without the stimulus and how much better things would be if the stimulus did pass. Guess what. Things are much worse than either prediction. The red dots are actual unemployment since January. Just another reason not to believe any of the bilge coming out of Washington when it comes to economics.

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  1. The government's economic predictions are notoriously inaccurate.