Monday, February 28, 2011

The Rapid Silver Line is Back... Again.

The Rapid Silver Line, the boondoggle bus system that failed at the ballot in 2009, is back. Voters in Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kentwood, Walker, and Wyoming will be asked for a 31% millage increase.

I did some extensive reporting on this mess in 2009. Please check those posts out for some detail on the proposed system. For more up to date information, my friends over at ITP Watch are doing a great job of keeping The Rapid on their toes.


  1. I live near Division and I think this would make the entire Division avenue strip unbearable... it does get backed up now at
    peak times and pedestrians have been injured (and a bike rider killed) crossing S. Division near 44th.

    I see a lot of empty buses on the route too during afternoon and

  2. It's clear that all the Rapid folks did is to up the millage by covering up the failed silverline 2009 proposal with additional mils to increase run frequencies and that's what friends of transit is selling us. I urge people who want to see value for their tax dollars to vote NO.

  3. The Rapid has sunk to a new low. They are USING GVSU college students with FREE rock concerts advertised for downtown G.R. and student advocates that know NOTHING about the Silverline. The Silverline information is not even included on the GVSU website promoting the bus millage. All they talk about is a short commuter line from Wealthy street transfer station to GVSU bus at Eberhard Center. This line would not be costly and could be implemented now without a tax increase. The students don't they are getting used to push something through that will hurt many neighborhoods, waste federal and local dollars to give us a duplicate bus on Division that according to the Rapids own envirornmental study will cause traffic Gridlock for miles hurting the residental and business districts. Kelloggsville at 48th street, and Godwin Heights Schools are going to be in a West coast type of traffic disaster and its not necessary. The Silverline will be SLOWER not faster. Vote No May3