Friday, May 6, 2011

Rapid Silver Line Wins - Buffoonery Ensues

Well, after a second vote where the entire political/bureaucratic elite establishment of six cities was mobilized (and hauling Vern Ehlers out of retirement, "weekend at Bernie's" style), the Silver Line millage passed. With a whopping margin of success of 136 votes out of more than 34,000 cast, the voters of Grandville, Walker, Wyoming, and Kentwood once again learn that their money is happily sucked up by Grand Rapids when the issue was overwhelmingly defeated in those cities.

What's next? The Rapid will add a bunch more buses to existing routes and not expand service one bit. The Silver Line will clog Division, Monroe, and Michigan streets with double-long accordion style buses at the price tag of $700,000 each. Lanes will be shut down so only these boondoggle buses will be able to use them, congesting traffic and pissing people off.

But hey, it'll make young professionals want to live here!!

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