Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rapid Bus Millage Tax Hike - It's Heating Up

To my readers: I apologize for not posting much in the last year - life's circumstances have kept me busy (you know, paying bills and all that stuff). But, I have been watching the debate heat up between the people in favor of The Rapid's 31% tax hike and the people against it. I've been really surprised by the number of videos showing up on youtube by people who are against the tax hike. When voters said NO to the Silver Line in 2009, it seemed like a clear message. But, the politicians down at the Rapid didn't get the message, so they doubled the tax increase and hoped that you wouldn't notice that the Silver Line was part of it. Well, anyways, below are some of my favorite videos that I found online:


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Rapid Uses Communist-Inspired Logo for Free Concert

Does anyone else find it odd the The Rapid bus system is using a communist-inspired logo to advertise the free concert they are holding on April 16th? This concert, called the "Rapid Revolution," is allegedly aimed at inspiring people to vote yes on the May 3rd millage increase for the Rapid Fail Line, oops, I mean the Rapid Silver Line. It's a rather strange tactic to get out the vote. Frankly, it's a little jarring and I can't imagine that this type of imagery would inspire confidence or excitement in the average voter.

What I really can't understand is why they would use a logo that has been used by communist and socialist groups for so long. Some examples are below. Do they really want to associate a bus system with governments which have murdered tens of millions of people through forced labor, starvation, war, and mass murder?

Well, if you're inspired, I'm sure they'd love to have you at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids on April 16th, between 2:00pm and 7:00pm. If you're not inspired, maybe you'd want to contact The Rapid and ask why they're associating with a communist symbol.