Monday, June 21, 2004

Tax us some more!

As you may all know (or not know), the Grand Rapids Public Schools millages both passed last week and everyone's property tax will go up another $110 per year, on average. Since November of last year, taxes for residents of Grand Rapids have gone up about $206 per year. And they wonder why the middle class is fleeing the city? Add on top of that the fact that property tax affects those in lower income brackets more than the upper brackets - everyone's getting squeezed.

Only East Grand Rapids has a higher tax burden in Kent county than residents of GR. Does this sound like a good way to promote growth? Less money will be put to productive use so that the bureaucrats can keep their jobs and developers from outside the city can suck up our tax dollars to build overpriced new school buildings. Do they really expect bricks and mortar to improve our city?

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