Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Casino Closer to Opening

The federal government is in the process of approving the Gun Lake band of Pottawatomi Indians to open a "class 2" casino in the Wayland area. A class two casino can only host gaming such as bingo and a few other electronic games. Once that is opened, the tribe can pursue a class three license with the state to allow everything else you normally see in a casino.

Of course, the powers that be are up in arms. A local group, mostly consisting of business folks in Grand Rapids, calling themselves "23 is Enough," referring to the 23 casinos in Michigan, is fighting the decision.

But that very name is the picture of hubris. 23 is enough? Says who? Certainly not the marketplace. This type of rhetoric is coming from the business community. We've never seen them have a campaign against taxes, saying "40% is enough." Perhaps they should concern themselves less with a job-creating enterprise than with the job-killing enterprise of excessive taxation.

We look forward to another local casino. The more the better.

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