Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Favorable Job Market Predicted for Grand Rapids

MiBiz reports that the job market for the Grand Rapids area is looking up for the fourth quarter of 2005.

The trend is continuing in favor of service industries. The construction, wholesale/retail trade and finance/insurance/real estate industries are expected to add the most jobs, with manufacturing staying stable with no growth anticipated.

But we'll remind our readers that Governor Granholm wants to tax service industries more in favor of tax cuts for manufacturers. It doesn't make much sense to increase the tax burden of those industries which are creating jobs, which will result in the creation of fewer jobs. The single business tax needs to be cut across the board, so all industries benefit. The lower the taxes, the more money employers will have to create jobs. It really is that simple.

Michigan has the nation's worst economy and people are leaving the state. It's time to get government out of the way so businesses can be allowed to create jobs.

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