Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day Guesses

Nope, no predictions. Just guesses.

President - Obama 53% - McCain 44%

Proposal 1 - 60% Yes, 40% No

Proposal 2 - 52% No - 48% Yes

We didn't write an article on Proposal 2 because it just seems pointless. Moral arguments aside, why amend the state constitution to allow one specific form of scientific research? Several other states have already done so and there's got to be only so much embryonic stem cell research to go around. It seems extremely doubtful that any significant new "business" would choose to reside in Michigan if this passes. Prop 2 seems like a poor reason to amend the constitution. Many other forms of stem cell research continue to show promise. Why single out only embryonic research?

1 comment:

  1. Stem Cell research requires a constitutional amendment because the right has singled that one specific form of scientific research out - turning it into a political football. If it hadn't been legalized this way, the right to life movement would be trying to change the legislation every year (in spite of the fact that it's supported by the vast majority of the public).

    Other forms of research show great promise, but not as much promise as embryonic stem cell research. That's the great thing, though, research on those forms can and will continue.